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What readers are saying...

When I'm Loving You is an interesting work of fiction filled with just enough drama to ​make the reader want to believe that somehow - by the grace of God, these women will obtain unconditional love.

Melinda - Books and Beignets (BAB) Book Club


When I'm Loving You...

When you are in love, nothing else seems to matter. For three best friends, f​alling in love was not an easy thing to do. Despite their personal struggles, Natasha Inglewood, Dianne Marshall, and Lynda Davis live passionately and stand on faith in order to pursue the healthy, loving relationships they deserve. However, pursuing these relationships does not come without a cost. Natasha gets a second chance at love after the tragic loss of her only child, but will pursuing this love be worth the fight? Dianne is happily married until she becomes the stepmother of a child she didn’t know existed. Consequently, are there any unresolved issues from the past that will threaten her marriage? Lynda finally realizes that she can focus and love only one man, but will her “love them and leave them” ways finally catch up with her?

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When the Lovin' Gets Good...

Dianne, Lynda and Natasha are back in this highly anticipated sequel to the romantic drama, When I’m Loving You. No one prepared them for life after tragedy, but somehow they must find a way to go on to maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

Dianne experiences marital mayhem as she soon discovers that even a happy marriage will have its share of challenges. Feeling overwhelmed with her new role as a stepmother, she travels down a dangerous road when she seeks emotional comfort in another man.

Lynda tries to refrain from acting on her desires with different men after her recent break-up with Zion. As she struggles to maintain focus, she unexpectedly falls for someone whom should remain off limits. Zion complicates matters when he wants her back in his life.

Natasha continues to grieve the loss of her sixteen-year-old daughter, but now she has a new family with her high school sweetheart, Tyrone. Depression kicks in as she visions being at a different phase of her life. Her drastic mood swings have a detrimental effect on her marriage that may be difficult to salvage.

The lives of these three women are intertwined by friendship, but they collide when you least expect it. Who will have a forgiving heart when lines are crossed? Brace yourself as you witness the power of love and forgiveness.

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